Monday, March 16, 2009

Holy Hell, it's only Monday?

I totally woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday and that made me very excited... cause there would only be 3 days left in this 'vacation.' Honestly, I would be content to stay in bed and watch TV all day, that's a vacation to me. But yesterday I was taken on a tour. A tour of what? THE BEACH. 

I'm from California. Wtf. 

It was so foggy that we couldn't see the beach anyway. I guess. 

Then we went to an amazing seafood restaurant and the food was soooo yummy!

It's raining today. It's gonna be cold. I should have gone to Miami. But I'm gonna try my best to enjoy the rest of this trip. On the brighter side of things, I think we're going to the aquarium today which makes me super excited. really. I LOVE animals. That really made my morning.


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