Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm trying so very hard to keep it together, and I fear I'm failing...


she's gone.

freak accident on the highway.

Freak Accident on Capitol Beltway

I can't stop watching the video...

she was 5 months pregnant. I don't know what to do. I'm trying so hard to be strong and keep it together but I'm falling apart. The funeral is on Tuesday and I'm so scared for that day because a funeral makes it real. A funeral means that she isn't coming back. I don't think I'm ready for that.


and they wonder why I don't believe in God...

R.I.P. Channing Quinichett.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

this whole week needs to be a holiday...

I reallllllly want to blog about inauguration since I was there and all but I really just don't feel like it right now. boo.

I'll be back later.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shake them Dreads!

I'm sitting here watching the First 48 because I got out of lab early and don't have another class until 12:40 which I should start getting ready for... but I digress. Damn this undiagnosed ADD!

But anyway, I'm watching the First 48 and the chick they were interviewing stuck some crack up her butthole when she thought she could get a way with it. But the cameras in the room caught her and she was then cavity searched. After that, the made her take off her WIG AND SHAKE IT.

OMG. It was so damn hilarious I don't know what to do. Maybe that's only funny to me but if you had seen it, you would laugh too.

Lordie. I'm gonna go get ready for class.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have a follower!!!! that's nutso! who's crazy enough to follow my blog?? Well not crazy, I'm sure you're amazing. Well you have to be, you're associated with me.

You know, sometimes, when I think of how many awesome blogs there are, I feel like I'm wasting some kind of internet paper or something that could be recycled and used me for something more important.

but whatever. I have a follower. :D

I need a purpose.

so I've decided that I have no purpose.

Many of my friends blog, mostly fashion blogs. My blog is about my life.

which is pretty damn boring. At least I think so.

I really need to carry my macbook with me, so that I can blog random thoughts. I have so many and i forget so easily cause sometimes my brain acts crazy and I can't stop thinking or moving and everything runs together and then I forget and then I hate myself because I get so entertained by my thoughts and I wanna share them but I have forgotten and then I think about carrying cheesy which is the name of my mac (get it, cheesy mac?) but I need a new battery and he dies in like 15 minutes and what good what that do?


I think I have ADD.

I really want a puppy. I wanna convince someone to get me one.

I saw my spiph today... it was amazing I've missed him so much. And finally my big brother is back. <3 I'm pretty sure this is what I came to post about but in my true form, I forgot.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the golden girls are my life.

If you don't watch Golden Girls, I don't think we can be friends anymore. If you aren't a fan, go to YouTube, then go to channels and search either The Lanai or Goinggoldenagain (one word). watch, laugh, love.

This shit is hilarious. I want to be that fucking funny when I'm about to take the big dirt nap.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

wash that weave and put it right back in that bitch!

I think fake people are great. Cause as soon as you find out how fake they are, you get to royally play their lives. Like my roommate for example.. she's a fake, disgusting, dirty, nasty old weave wearing slore (that's a slut and a whore mixed together, in case you didn't know). I didn't know that at first, but when it all came out our house was like an episode of Keyshia Cole's family fuckery. Living with a slut builds character, I say. But I'm digressing... learning how to weed out bad friends doesn't only train you for the future, but it teaches you a whole hell of a lot about yourself. so embrace it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My God, just shoot me.

I would really appreciate it if people stopped asking me who I'm looking at in the NFL playoffs.

The answer is no one. and the tears that well up in my eyes when you mention the National Football League should deter you from pressing further, but if you're one of those people who doesn't fucking get it, press on. break a young woman's heart.

Of course, more than it already is. I don't even want to revisit in any detail the fuckery that was the Cowboys vs. Eagles game that killed Dallas' chances at the playoffs, because it is far too painful. And if you can't understand then I hope you get sacked by an old lady in the grocery store and then I hope said lady shoves an entire hard salami up your ass because you are a fucktard with no empathy for a football fan in pain.

But of course, there's always next season. Oh yeah, goodbye Tony Romo. You've choked when it mattered most for the last time. Too bad you don't get to play in the awesome Cowboy Stadium. That shit is HOT.

I probably will watch the superbowl, because a true football fan wouldn't miss it, but it's gonna hurt. sigh.

Peeing in a cup takes more skill than one would think...

I went to the gynecologist today. It was actually mildly entertaining (which should indicate how mind numbingly bored I am) and I had a good time.

My nurse practitioner was named Joni, and she was awesome. she literally yelled "NO GLOVE, NO LOVE" at me with a huge smile on her face while we were talking about safe sex practices. It was great.

I also had to pee in a cup which is easy for normal people but I'm not normal so it ended being an ordeal. QUITE the ordeal. and then I couldn't find the nurse who told me to bring the pee to her so I'm standing in the middle of the office holding a cup of my own pee.

awkward. but whatever.

then I got poked and prodded and Joni and I talked about my "boyfriend" and then I got blood drawn while sitting in a chair that looked like a torture device and the nurse laughed at me when I told her that even though I was totally serious.

My arm still hurts.

So let's hope for my "boyfriend's" sake that I don't get a phone call from Joni. Cause then he will die. She's gonna send me a card if everything's cool though. weee!