Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas...

Even though I can think of about a million other places I would rather be. I mean, family is awesome but coming back home after living with endless freedom and only being bound by your own judgement doesn't seem to get any easier.

For one, I would like to sleep into the afternoon in peace. Without my mother coming to remind that it's almost noon, or searching for towels or whites to throw in with the load of laundry she's pretending to do. She works at home, so she gets away with that kind of thing.

There's also really nothing to do here. No friends, we live in the suburb to end all suburbs and I'm a broke college kid at Christmastime. So at home I stay.

I wanna be in California. Not stupid Texas. Even though I truly plan on hunting down my favorite blogger, Jenny, while I'm here. She hilarious, check her out at

Maybe tonight will be the one night since I've gotten home that I'll go to sleep before the sun comes up. That would be cool.

But in happier news, my grandparents will be here on Monday night. They were supposed to be here last night but they missed their flight so I have to wait. Which was depressing, and gave my mother 3 more days to be a cleanliness warrior fully armed with shamwows and lemon pledge. someone save me.

I gotta go find food. How many borders does a girl have to cross to get some decent Mexican food around here?

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