Thursday, May 27, 2010


but we all already knew that.

It's been busy over my way. Graduation happened (yay!), bought a car (all by myself), I've moved in with my boyfriend (temporarily), had a baby (my goddaughter, Chloe) and I'm looking to find a job soon (likerightnow).

Currently, my days are filled with running errands and hoping for a call on one of the billions of resumes I've sent out. fingers crossed everyone!

It's super hot in the apartment right now. Like, sweltering. but that's because my bf is getting a cold and I don't want it to get too cold. I wanna stop this illness in its tracks so that we can have fun this weekend. But if not, I'll take good care of him like I always do. So he's been in bed since 9, and I'm lying on the floor trying not to melt, attempting to blog silently and watching the laker game on mute.

And I gotta tinkle. But the bathroom feels reeeeealllly far away right now.

I'm gonna go stick my head in the freezer. Maybe I'll post again later if I don't melt.

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