Saturday, January 3, 2009

My God, just shoot me.

I would really appreciate it if people stopped asking me who I'm looking at in the NFL playoffs.

The answer is no one. and the tears that well up in my eyes when you mention the National Football League should deter you from pressing further, but if you're one of those people who doesn't fucking get it, press on. break a young woman's heart.

Of course, more than it already is. I don't even want to revisit in any detail the fuckery that was the Cowboys vs. Eagles game that killed Dallas' chances at the playoffs, because it is far too painful. And if you can't understand then I hope you get sacked by an old lady in the grocery store and then I hope said lady shoves an entire hard salami up your ass because you are a fucktard with no empathy for a football fan in pain.

But of course, there's always next season. Oh yeah, goodbye Tony Romo. You've choked when it mattered most for the last time. Too bad you don't get to play in the awesome Cowboy Stadium. That shit is HOT.

I probably will watch the superbowl, because a true football fan wouldn't miss it, but it's gonna hurt. sigh.

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